Class - VmsMessage

A message displayed on a VMS which may comprise one or more sequentially displayed text pages and/or pictograms with supplementary details. When in a sequence of displayed messages sequencing of text pages and pictograms within a message are prohibited.

List of attributes

Name Data Type Order Definition    
associatedManagementOrDiversionPlan String 0 The identification of the traffic management plan or diversion plan with which the message is associated.    
codedReasonForSetting CodedReasonForSettingMessageEnum 4 The reason, in terms of a high level coded classification, why the sign has been set.    
distanceFromSituationRecord MetresAsFloat 12 Distance of the VMS from the location of the related situation record/element. If the VMS is located within the extent of the situation record/element this should be set to zero.    
mareNostrumCompliant Boolean 7 Indication that the displayed message (text and pictogram) conforms with the formulation recommended by the Mare Nostrum project.    
messageSetBy MultilingualString 1 The organisation or authority which set the message currently being displayed.    
primarySetting Boolean 6 Identifies whether the message setting is primary (explicitly requested) or is secondary (derived according to an algorthm as the result of setting other signs). True = a primary setting.    
reasonForSetting MultilingualString 3 The reason why the sign has been set.    
requestedBy MultilingualString 9 The authority, organisation or system which requested the setting of the message. This may be different from the authority or system which actually set the message on behalf of the requestor.    
setBySystem Boolean 2 Indicates whether the message has been set automatically by a system. True = automatically set.    
situationRecordToWhichMessageIsRelated VersionedReference 11 A reference to the situation record/element within a managed situation to which the set message relates.    
situationToWhichMessageIsRelated VersionedReference 10 A reference to the managed situation to which the set message relates.    
textPictogramSequencingInterval Seconds 13 The time duration that each text page or pictogram within a message is displayed for before the VMS displays the next text page and/or pictogram in the message.    
timeLastSet DateTime 8 The date/time at which the sign was last set.    
vmsMessageInformationType VmsMessageInformationTypeEnum 5 Type of information being displayed.    


Multiplicity From Role Role description Association Multiplicity To Role Role description  
1 VmsMessage related to 1 Vms  
1 VmsPictogramDisplayArea related to 1 VmsMessage  
1 VmsText textPage related to 1 VmsMessage  

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