Class - Impact

An assessment of the impact that an event or operator action defined by the situation record has on the driving conditions.

List of attributes

Name Data Type Order Definition    
capacityRemaining Percentage 0 The ratio of current capacity to the normal (free flow) road capacity in the defined direction, expressed as a percentage. Capacity is the maximum number of vehicles that can pass a specified point on the road, in unit time given the specified conditions.    
numberOfLanesRestricted NonNegativeInteger 1 The number of normally usable lanes on the carriageway which are now restricted either fully or partially (this may include the hard shoulder if it is normally available for operational use, e.g. in hard shoulder running schemes).    
numberOfOperationalLanes NonNegativeInteger 2 The number of usable lanes in the specified direction which remain fully operational (this may include the hard shoulder if it is being used as an operational lane).    
originalNumberOfLanes NonNegativeInteger 3 The normal number of usable lanes in the specified direction that the carriageway has before reduction due to roadworks or traffic events.    
residualRoadWidth MetresAsFloat 4 The total width of the combined operational lanes in the specified direction.    
trafficConstrictionType TrafficConstrictionTypeEnum 5 The type of constriction to which traffic is subjected as a result of an event or operator action.    


Multiplicity From Role Role description Association Multiplicity To Role Role description  
0..1 Delays related to 1 Impact  
0..1 Impact related to 1 SituationRecord  

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