Class - DateTimeValue

A measured or calculated value of an instance in time.


This is a specialization of the DataValue class and it inherits all attributes and associations of that class.

List of attributes

Name Data Type Order Definition    
dateTime DateTime 0 A time stamp defining an instance in time.    
accuracy Percentage 2 The extent to which the value is expected to be free from error, measured as a percentage of the data value. 100% means fully accurate. Inherited from DataValue  
computationalMethod ComputationMethodEnum 3 Method of computation which has been used to compute this data value. Inherited from DataValue  
dataError Boolean 0 Indication of whether the value is deemed to be erroneous by the supplier, (true = erroneous). If not present the data value is assumed to be ok. This may be used when automatic fault detection information relating to sensors is available. Inherited from DataValue  
numberOfIncompleteInputs NonNegativeInteger 4 The number of inputs detected but not completed during the sampling or measurement period; e.g. vehicles detected entering but not exiting the detection zone. Inherited from DataValue  
numberOfInputValuesUsed NonNegativeInteger 5 The number of input values used in the sampling or measurment period to determine the data value. Inherited from DataValue  
reasonForDataError MultilingualString 1 The reason why the value is deemed to be erroneous by the supplier. Inherited from DataValue  
smoothingFactor Float 6 Coefficient required when a moving average is computed to give specific weights to the former average and the new data. A typical formula is, F being the smoothing factor: New average = (old average) F + (new data) (1 - F). Inherited from DataValue  
standardDeviation Float 7 The standard deviation of the sample of input values from which this value was derived, measured in the units of the data value. Inherited from DataValue  
supplierCalculatedDataQuality Percentage 8 A measure of data quality assigned to the value by the supplier. 100% equates to ideal/perfect quality. The method of calculation is supplier specific and needs to be agreed between supplier and client. Inherited from DataValue  


Multiplicity From Role Role description Association Multiplicity To Role Role description  
0..1 DateTimeValue arrivalTime related to 1 IndividualVehicleDataValues  
0..1 DateTimeValue exitTime related to 1 IndividualVehicleDataValues