Class - MeasurementSiteRecord

<< versionedidentifiable >> D2LogicalModel.PayloadPublication.MeasurementSiteTablePublication
<<versionedidentifiable>> An identifiable single measurement site entry/record in the Measurement Site table.

List of attributes

Name Data Type Order Definition    
computationMethod ComputationMethodEnum 2 Method of computation which is used to compute the measured value(s) at the measurement site.    
measurementEquipmentReference String 3 The reference given to the measurement equipment at the site.    
measurementEquipmentTypeUsed MultilingualString 4 The type of equipment used to gather the raw information from which the data values are determined, e.g. 'loop', 'ANPR' (automatic number plate recognition) or 'urban traffic management system' (such as SCOOT).    
measurementSide DirectionEnum 8 Side of the road on which measurements are acquired, corresponding to the direction of the road.    
measurementSiteIdentification String 7 Identification of a measurement site used by the supplier or consumer systems.    
measurementSiteName MultilingualString 5 Name of a measurement site.    
measurementSiteNumberOfLanes NonNegativeInteger 6 The number of lanes over which the measured value is determined.    
measurementSiteRecordVersionTime DateTime 0 The date/time that this version of the measurement site record was defined. The identity and version of the measurement site record are defined by the class stereotype implementation.    


Multiplicity From Role Role description Association Multiplicity To Role Role description  
1 GroupOfLocations measurementSiteLocation related to 1 MeasurementSiteRecord  
1..* MeasurementSiteRecord related to 1 MeasurementSiteTable  
1 MeasurementSpecificCharacteristics related to 1 MeasurementSiteRecord  

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