DataType - ElaboratedDataFaultEnum

<< enumeration >> D2LogicalModel.General.PayloadEnumerations.EtoH
<<enumeration>> Types of elaborated data faults.

List of values

Name Data Type Order Definition    
intermittentDataValues EnumerationLiteral 0 Data values are being produced at intermittent intervals which are not consitent with the expected reporting interval.    
noDataValuesAvailable EnumerationLiteral 1 No elaborated data values are currently available.    
spuriousUnreliableDataValues EnumerationLiteral 2 Spurious or unreliable data values are being produced.    
unspecifiedOrUnknownFault EnumerationLiteral 3 An unspecified or unknown fault exists in the process which is generating elaborated data.    
other EnumerationLiteral 4 Other than as defined in this enumeration.    


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