DataType - ConfidentialityValueEnum

<< enumeration >> D2LogicalModel.General.PayloadEnumerations.AtoD
<<enumeration>> Values of confidentiality.

List of values

Name Data Type Order Definition    
internalUse EnumerationLiteral 0 For internal use only of the recipient organisation.    
noRestriction EnumerationLiteral 1 No restriction on usage.    
restrictedToAuthorities EnumerationLiteral 2 Restricted for use only by authorities.    
restrictedToAuthoritiesAndTrafficOperators EnumerationLiteral 3 Restricted for use only by authorities and traffic operators.    
restrictedToAuthoritiesTrafficOperatorsAndPublishers EnumerationLiteral 4 Restricted for use only by authorities, traffic operators and publishers (service providers).    
restrictedToAuthoritiesTrafficOperatorsAndVms EnumerationLiteral 5 Restricted for use only by authorities, traffic operators, publishers (service providers) and variable message signs.    


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