Class - VehicleCountWithinInterval

Gives incoming and/or outgoing vehicles and/or change of occupied spaces within a given interval. The interval is given in positive or negative seconds related to 'measurementOrCalculationTime' or 'measurementDefaultTime'.

List of attributes

Name Data Type Order Definition    
measurementInterval Seconds 1 Interval for which the data applies. Usually, this value should be negative. Example: - 300 = last 5 minutes up to 'measurementOrCalculationTime' or 'measurementTimeDefault'. Use a positive value only for predictions. Example: 600 = next ten minutes.    
measurementOrCalcualtionTime DateTime 0 Point in time at which this specific value or set of values has been measured or calculated. It may also be a future time at which a data value is predicted.    


Multiplicity From Role Role description Association Multiplicity To Role Role description  
0..1 VehicleCharacteristics countedVehicles related to 1 VehicleCountWithinInterval  
0..* VehicleCountWithinInterval related to 1 VehicleCountAndRate  
0..1 VehicleCountValue numberOfIncomingVehicles related to 1 VehicleCountWithinInterval  
0..1 VehicleCountValue numberOfOutgoingVehicles related to 1 VehicleCountWithinInterval  
0..1 OccupancyChangeValue changeOfOccupiedSpaces related to 1 VehicleCountWithinInterval