Class - VehicleCountAndRate

Vehicle rates can be assigned to a parking site or to assigned parking spaces. Furthermore, they can reference to a measurement site or to an entrance/exit.

List of attributes

Name Data Type Order Definition    
coveringPetrolStationArea Boolean 8 Indication, if this detector also covers the area of a petrol station.    
dedicatedAccess Reference 2 Specifies a reference to an access, object (i.e. an entrance, an exit or both). A Point location and further characteristics can be specified for those objects.    
lastCalibration DateTime 6 Date of last calibration of the detection system in question.    
measuredValueIndex NonNegativeInteger 1 If a measurement site is specified, the index of the measured value can be specified here.    
measurementSiteReference VersionedReference 0 A reference to a versioned measurement site record defined in a Measurement Site table.    
measurementTimeDefault DateTime 3 The time associated with the set of measurements. It may be the time of the beginning, the end or the middle of the measurement period.    


Multiplicity From Role Role description Association Multiplicity To Role Role description  
0..* VehicleCountAndRate related to 1 ParkingOccupancy  
0..* VehicleCountWithinInterval related to 1 VehicleCountAndRate  
0..* VehicleRate related to 1 VehicleCountAndRate