Class - ParkingRecordStatus

Abstract D2LogicalModel.Extension.Approved.ParkingPublications.ParkingStatusPublication.ParkingRecordStatus
Contains the current status of one parking record defined in the static model (i.e. parking site or group of parking sites) or historical or forecasted data for one parking. Only for the second case, 'parkingStatusTime' must be specified.

List of attributes

Name Data Type Order Definition    
blurredAvailability Boolean 5 When true, all information about availability (free spaces etc.) is blurred (usually because of business competition).    
parkingConditions ParkingConditionsEnum 4 Defines if normal parking conditions are suspended or special parking conditions are in force.    
parkingFault ParkingFaultEnum 6 A fault indicator for the parking site.    
parkingQueueingTime Seconds 3 The current queuing time (duration) for entering the parking site.    
parkingRecordReference VersionedReference 0 A reference to a static parking record object, i.e. a parking site or a group of parking sites.    
parkingStatusDescription MultilingualString 2 Additional textual information about the parking status. Can also be used as an alternative in case the enumeration values for 'parkingSiteStatus' or 'groupOfParkingSitesStatus' do not fit.    
parkingStatusOriginTime DateTime 1 The time when the information in this message was generated. Unless 'ParkingStatusValidity' is used, this is also the time the information in this message refers to.    
winterEquipmentManagementType WinterEquipmentManagementTypeEnum 7 Type of winter equipment management action instigated by operator.    


Multiplicity From Role Role description Association Multiplicity To Role Role description  
0..1 ParkingThresholds overrideParkingThresholds related to 1 ParkingRecordStatus  
1..* ParkingRecordStatus related to ParkingStatusPublication  
1 GroupOfParkingSpacesStatus related to 1 ParkingRecordStatus  
0..* ParkingAccessStatus related to ParkingRecordStatus  
1 ParkingEquipmentOrServiceFacilityStatus related to 1 ParkingRecordStatus  
1 ParkingOccupancy related to 1 ParkingRecordStatus  
0..1 ParkingStatusValidity related to 1 ParkingRecordStatus  
1 ParkingUsageScenarioStatus related to ParkingRecordStatus  
1 ParkingSpaceStatus related to 1 ParkingRecordStatus  
0..* ParkingRouteStatus related to ParkingRecordStatus  

List of subclasses

This class is specialized into: GroupOfParkingSitesStatus , ParkingSiteStatus