Class - Exchange

Details associated with the management of the exchange between the supplier and the client.

List of attributes

Name Data Type Order Definition    
changedFlag ChangedFlagEnum 0 Indicates that either a filter or a catalogue has been changed.    
clientIdentification String 1 In a data exchange process, an identifier of the organisation which receives information from the DATEX 2 System.    
deliveryBreak Boolean 2 Indicates that a data delivery is stopped for unplanned reasons, i.e. excluding the end of the order validity (attribute FIL) or the case when the filter expression is not met (attribute OOR).    
denyReason DenyReasonEnum 3 Indicates the reason for the refusal of the requested exchange.    
historicalStartDate DateTime 4 For "Client Pull" exchange mode (operating mode 3 - snapshot) it defines the date/time at which the snapshot was produced.    
historicalStopDate DateTime 5 For "Client Pull" exchange mode (operating mode 3 - snapshot) it defines the date/time after which the snapshot is no longer considered valid.    
keepAlive Boolean 6 Indicator that this exchange is due to "keep alive" functionality.    
requestType RequestTypeEnum 7 The type of request that has been made by the client on the supplier.    
response ResponseEnum 8 The type of the response that the supplier is returning to the requesting client.    
subscriptionReference String 9 Unique identifier of the client's subscription with the supplier.    


Multiplicity From Role Role description Association Multiplicity To Role Role description  
1 Exchange related to 1 D2LogicalModel  
0..* CatalogueReference related to 1 Exchange  
1 InternationalIdentifier supplierIdentification The identification of the system which is sending the information to the client. DATEX Original Code = SUP related to 1 Exchange  
0..* FilterReference related to 1 Exchange  
0..1 Subscription related to 1 Exchange  
0..1 Target related to 1 Exchange  

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